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Never quite intended as a round-the-clock musical entity in the standard “band”-sense, Phileas has interacted with the world in a sort of semi-suspended hibernation, sometimes appearing from the undergrowth to do something simple and modest, sometimes bizarrely big.

The album In the Age of Reason (2008) was the result of a gathering of friends, a set of musical and graphical concepts and a bunch of old floor lamps in one of the coziest studios known to man. Also, beer. Recorded at Gula Studion in Malmö, Sweden and produced by batti – the main offenders were:

  • Christian Almér (percussion)
  • Rickard Almér (bass)
  • Martin Berglund (guitar, music & lyrics)
  • Callin Öhrvall Delmar (vocals)
  • Anders Eriksson (piano)

…along with a crowd of visitors who helped us by bellowing drunkenly into the microphones whenever a song required it.


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